New Website and Blog on the Way!

I am so excited to finally have a new website/blog in the works! After 11 years of working off my own designed flash site it was time to get iphone/ipad friendly. Thanks for your patience in the interim... here's a little sneak peek of what's on the way!

mwfoto new blog

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Holiday Family Portrait Season!

This is my tenth year photographing familes professionally and every year it just gets better and better. I'm working on a new kids website to launch in my off season when I have more time to dial it all in but till then... here's some recent fun snaps. I've been loving doing these for a lot of my regular return clients and some new clients too! tis the season!

santa barbara family photographer

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Parent challenge!

All you parents out there heading out for holiday family photo time soon I want to present a challenge!

When you get the urge to bribe, STOP yourself and try to think of something really funny you can do to make your kid smile. Don't say "smile at the camera!!" and PLEASE PLEASE at all costs don't say "SAY CHEESE!!!!"... but if you hit a wall and you feel that urge to bribe with candy or ice cream cones after the shoot try to re-direct your mind to what your kids love. You! You being having fun with them... YOUR undivided attention! Do a funny dance, make a funny face at them or a funny sound. Run in to the frame and zip them away to go throw them in the air or roll around on the ground with them. I absolutely GUARANTEE you the photos will be better and the joy you create within your kids will make your photo shoot and the memories so much better. JUST HAVE FUN WITH THEM! That's all they need and want. They don't need candy or ice cream and honestly it never truly works... it creates year after a year a feeling that this is something dreadful that they have to be bribed for. If you make it fun, they won't need to be bribed to go take photos. The end! Happy picture taking!!! 

Share if you agree and like me want to see lots more "real smiles" on those holiday cards this year!!!

dont say cheese

santa ynez engagement photography

Finding immense beauty every day in the simplest of natures scenery. Especially in Santa Ynez...

santa ynez engagement photos

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Santa Ynez Kids Photography

Love these cute sisters!

santa ynez kids photographer

Wolverine Superhero Kids Party!

My Cashman is turning four! So we had a really fun SUPERHERO WOLVERINE PJ party for him! The kids were all dressed up in costumes and superhero pjs. Extremely cute! And I've learned my lesson to shop early next time.... apparently wolverine theme is not as common then others and therefore I had to buy a lot of stuff through ebay and amazon! We mixed in avengers too to make it more fun. Cash had a blast and that look on his face was just priceless and worth every penny! 

The awesome rainbow cake is from Solvang Bakery and we just plopped a couple wolverine figurines from target on top.

My sister-in-law Annie convinced me to drive down to LA to shop at the LA swap meet for a pinata but we only were able to find a terrific Captain America pinata. My son REALLY wanted wolverine so Annie worked her magic with some tissue paper, streamers and a glue stick from the 99 cents store and pulled off this awesome wolverine man!!! What an awesome Auntie!!

wolverine superhero kids party photographswolverine superhero kids party photographswolverine superhero kids party photographswolverine superhero kids party photographswolverine superhero kids party photographswolverine superhero kids party photographs

santa ynez portraits

santa ynez photographer

santa ynez portraiture

santa ynez portraits

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cutest boys on the planet...

Cutest little boys on the PLANET! ...and I'm not biased at all right?! :) This is our little family. I am an extremely lucky mom and wife. To say thank you is not even enough for the amazing job that Gina (from Lola Video) always does in capturing our fun and quirky ways. She always has the magic when it comes to the final editing process and music choice (and cutting out any melt downs! LOL! ...she makes it look like all peaches and roses and that's what I want the boys to remember most too but yes, there were some owies and one "time-out" which actually is one of my favorite clips with Cash sitting and pouting on the log). So many amazing and fun moments. I know we will treasure this video and all of the videos she does for us for a lifetime! Thank you SO MUCH GINA!!!!

Love of a Mother from on Vimeo.

san luis obispo engagement photos

Wow. Just wow. Dreamy and lovely session with Allyson and Austin!

san luis obispo engagement photographer

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